Raise the Flag - St. Francis School Recognizes Autism Awareness Day on Thursday, April 2, 2015

Back Row: Sandra St. Denis - Principal, Graziella Visentin - SERT, Yolanda Thibeault - Special Needs Support Worker, SCDSB Middle Row: Ben Grossi, Zayle Boyuk, Andrew Zuliani, Zachary Burton, Kayla Knapp Front Row: Noah Larose, Ryan Burton, Zoe Dominelli

April 8, 2015 - April is Autism Awareness month and April 2nd was dedicated World Autism Day.

Autism Ontario’s Raise the Flag campaign, through the simple act of raising a flag, unites families, schools, communities, government and professionals in recognizing World Autism Awareness Day, and brings to light to struggles and triumphs of people on the autism spectrum.

Staff and students at St. Francis Catholic Elementary School took part in this event to support World Autism day.



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