* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
Colin Lapalme Principal
Tina Timpano Principal
Natasha Folino Vice Principal
Natasha Folino Vice Principal
Tina Timpano Vice Principal
Sophie Baysarowich Secretary
Melissa Mason Secretary
Stephanie Hawke Life Skills
Marcia Mallette Life Skills
Adrienne Mcintyre Life Skills
Jessica Mieto Grade 2 & 3
Todd Rayne Grade 3 & 4
Debra Michaud Grade 5 & 6
Shawn Marcon Grade 6
Emily De Angelis Communication
Meghan Dopson Communication
Nicole Newell Core French
Connie Luoma Early Child Educator
Christina Bedoya FDK to Grade 1
Tracy Kolodinski Full Day Kindergarten
Helen Berezowsky Prep Time
Julia Chalut Prep Time
Stephanie Posso Prep Time
Shelley Turner Prep Time
Amanda Nesci-Spry Primary Spec Ed
Beverly Lavallie Resource
Graziella Visentin Resource
Joyce Lachance-Charlebois Grade 1
Gisele Honse Grade 2 & 3
Lyanne Dupuis Grade 5 & 6
Lynne Legault Early Child Educator
Danika Teddy Early Child Educator
Angele Lachance Full Day Kindergarten
Chrystal Brunette Educational Assistant
Sandra Miscio Educational Assistant
Carrie-Anne Pyott Educational Assistant
Loretta Serre Educational Assistant
Lindsay St-Onge Educational Assistant
Janice Wright Educational Assistant
Kim Yeomans Educational Assistant
Derek Zaher Educational Assistant
Roland Dupuis Custodian
Paulette Melancon Assistant Custodian
Corey Daalmeyer Cleaner
Brandon Antonioni Supply Early Child Educator
Alexandra Behnke-Keeping Supply Early Child Educator
Regan Boucher Supply Early Child Educator
Brianna Ferri Supply Early Child Educator
Wendy Howard-Rollins Supply Early Child Educator

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