* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
Sandra Hiebert-St. Denis Principal
Tina Timpano Vice Principal
Kelly Ann Beaton Life Skills
Marcia Mallette Life Skills
Christina Bedoya Grade 1 & 2
Nicole Newell Grade 2 & 3
Amanda Douglas Grade 4 & 5
Shawn Marcon Grade 5 & 6
Emily De Angelis Communication
Eva Scola-Lawryshyn Communication
Connie Luoma Early Child Ed.
Tracy Kolodinski Full Day Kinderg
Helen Berezowsky Prep Time
Josee Paquette-Doucet Prep Time
Lucie Gauthier Resource
Graziella Visentin Resource
Tanya Marcotte Section 23
Elissa-Ann Zuliani Section 23
Gisele Honse Grade 2
Zorisa Ranich Grade 3 & 4
Sandra Narduzzi Grade 4 & 5
Lyanne Dupuis Grade 5 & 6
Lynne Legault Early Child Ed.
Nathalie Beaudry FCI
Joyce Lachance-Charlebois FDK to Grade 1
Angele Lachance Full Day Kinderg
Lise Malette Full Day Kinderg
Brandon Antonioni Educational Assistant
Regan Boucher Educational Assistant
Chrystal Brunette Educational Assistant
Sabrina Cimino Educational Assistant
Shari Gainer Educational Assistant
Tina Hebert Educational Assistant
Sandra Miscio Educational Assistant
Amber Morris Educational Assistant
Brittany Osborne Educational Assistant
Carrie-Anne Pyott Educational Assistant
Dale Raymond Educational Assistant
Danielle Riopelle Educational Assistant
Loretta Serre Educational Assistant
Sheryl Taylor Educational Assistant
Jo-Anne Walberg Educational Assistant
Janice Wright Educational Assistant
Kim Yeomans Educational Assistant
Alain Perras Custodian
Bonnie Mailloux Assistant Custodian
Rene Seguin Cleaner
Lynette De Agrella Lunch Room Supervisor
Rachel Fraser Lunch Room Supervisor
Denise Matovinovic Lunch Room Supervisor
Joan Mcisaac Lunch Room Supervisor
Carmela Pisani Lunch Room Supervisor
Douglas Shrigley Lunch Room Supervisor
Laurene Wiens Lunch Room Supervisor
Natalie Lamberti Lunch Room Supply
Benjamin Ehrlich SUMMER STUDENTS
Sebastien Papineau SUMMER STUDENTS
Sandra Burch Summer Schl Tchr
Jennifer Connelly Summer Schl Tchr
Chantal Gionet Summer Schl Tchr
Jennifer Laundry Summer Schl Tchr
Tracey Marcil Summer Schl Tchr
Triina Marcotte-Zito Summer Schl Tchr
Sarah Pappin Summer Schl Tchr
Fiorina Raso Summer Schl Tchr
Serina Seguin Supply ECE-NQ

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